About This Blog

Curated by Red Butte Press, This Book Is Now showcases the art of the book. We’re keen on documenting the varied life cycles of handmade books—how they develop from murky, inchoate concepts into full-fledged objects.

The aim of This Book is Now is twofold: we record the production stages of whatever book is currently under construction at Red Butte Press, and we present process notes and images from contemporary artists engaged in the art of the book.

We’ve heard, “Books are dead.” We brush off this melodrama and offer up a new claim: Books are dead is dead. Our aim is to unveil and to archive the process work underpinning some of the most innovative and electrifying books being assembled in the now.

Established in 1984 when premiere Bay Area printers, Lewis and Dorothy Allen offered an 1846 Columbian hand press to the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah, Red Butte Press honors and extends the traditions of fine press printing, producing finely crafted, limited editions. The Press is committed to contemporary dialogue, publishing essays focused on the western states as well as the best in modern fiction and poetry. Red Butte Press commissions original artwork, uses quality paper and binding materials, and prints letterpress to make each book a reflection of its contents.